I've always had a mild curiosity about license plate tags.

After 2000, and all the way until this year, is was just two numbers on a different colored background.

In 2020 the DOL went to all four numbers and put it on a white background.

It had only occurred to me two days ago, I had yet to see what the 2021 tags looked like because people whose plate number is one, January, they have to have the tag for the following year and it turns out a co-worker is actually a January ride and the tag is once again all four numbers, 2021, and it's on a blue background for next year.

Then, out of the blue, out of the Blaine Blair busted by Big Lots blue, and the irony is not lost on me, that this gem lands smack in my web lap.

KPD 2-1-20
KPD 2-1-20

And I have the God given right to lampoon.

It must have ONLY been spelling travel (travle) wrong that gave the cops the God given right to pull him over.


On 01/31/20 Officers received a suspicious person call at Big Lots. Officers were notified of a vehicle driving around the area with license plates that appeared to have been drawn on with a marker. The described vehicle was contacted in the area of W Kennewick Ave and N Olympia St. The occupants of the vehicle were contacted and Blaine Blair was found to have a warrant for his arrest.

So, after being stopped, Blaine Blair, by brandishing bogus business while bailing from Big Lots, was busted.


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