And there was much rejoicing in the Portland Police precinct after a would-be thief was captured early Tuesday morning, after he sped off in a stolen donut delivery truck.

The man, 34- Peter Leon-Johansen,  allegedly stole a delivery van belonging to the Donut Land company.  The vehicle was parked outside a store and the driver  inside making a delivery around 2am..

The victim told police he'd left it unlocked with the keys inside, thinking that early nobody would try to make off with his vehicle.  But apparently Mr Johansen had other plans.

While officers at the scene were taking down information about the heist,  another officer reported seeing the van near the corner of Southeast Powell Blvd. and 21st. Avenue.  The officer gave chase, and shortly thereafter Johansen pulled over.

As he responded to officer commands to turn off the vehicle, throw the keys out and stick his hands out the window in plain sight,  officers said the driver dropped a pastry from one of his hands onto the street.    The vehicle was returned to the driver, and despite donuts scattered inside (having fallen out of boxes during the chase) the vehicle was otherwise undamaged.

However, officers were not able to revive the fallen pastry that landed in the road.  There was no confirmation Donut Land plans to reward the officers with a box of creme filled Bismarks.