Animal cruelty is nothing new in the Tri-Cities, or the world for that matter. Sadly, animals of all kinds are sometimes subjected to inhumane treatment. Criminal Profilers even say that sometimes serious offenders get their 'start' by mistreating dogs, cats and other creatures.

But this case will make you very angry, and the Pasco Police are steaming.  Officer Fox of the Department was investigating a report of a dead boxer found near the Cable Bridge Thursday, after getting a call about it.

However, Officer Fox found that the dog, which initially appeared to have been hit by a car, was in fact fatally shot. The dog has 8 bullet wounds.

Pasco police say the shooting likely happened overnight near 9th and Washington, but nobody reported hearing any gunfire.  Police say there will be maximum charges filed if they find the perpetrator. Certain types of animal cruelty, especially involving a firearm, can put people in jail.

Anyone who knows anything about this case can anonymously report it by calling (509)-545-3421. All leads, again, can be confidential.

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