The owner of a Pasco animal spa and groomery was arrested Thursday, and is facing three counts of alleged animal cruelty.

28-year-old Michelle Burt owns the Paw Spa facility at 3501 Road 68. She was arrested Thursday evening, and appeared in Franklin County court Friday around 1:30pm.

The state has 72 hours to decide if they will formally charge her with all 3 counts. Her arraignment will be August 28th.  According to multiple sources, there have been a string of complaints made against the animal grooming center and spa as far back as 2016. Our news partner KNDU-TV reported in June of this year that more owners have come forward with incident allegations.

One owner, identified only to police investigators, said their dog had to have 16 ounces of fluid drained from it's stomach after allegedly being choked to the point of passing out. This occurred nearly two years ago.  Officials with the Tri-City Animal Control and Shelter Services say these new owners, with eye-witness accounts and other information, is what prompted police to open a formal investigation.

Under terms of her arrest and pending court date, Burt is not allowed to have any contact with domestic animals, including dogs and cat.

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