Despite recent animal control issues, new shelter still in works (Townsquare media)

Some good news regarding the animal shelter in Pasco.


You've probably heard of the legal action taken by the City of Pasco against the operators of the Animal Shelter just off "A" Street.  Back on Nov. 5th, we told you the city has sued because officials from Neo Nation, who held the contract, allegedly took bonuses for themselves.

There were also allegations of other financial mismanagement and the contract has been terminated.

City of Pasco

But now, some good news!

According to Pasco Police and other officials, there's plans to forge ahead with a new shelter.

According to Pasco PD, here's what's going to happen in the near future:

"Employees of the Benton-Franklin Humane Society as contracted through the Tri-City Animal Control Authority (ACA). These staff members are doing their best to care for the animals and assist community members with animal control needs. The cities of the ACA ask that you express gratitude and patience to these Humane Society employees dedicated to keeping the community’s animals safe, healthy, and protected.
The Humane Society will continue to operate the Shelter and Animal Control for the ACA for the time being as the cities of Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland that make up the ACA lay out the next steps for the long-term solution for Animal Control operations."
  However, the ACA continues its plans to move ahead with building a new shelter in the next few months, despite facing roadblocks from COVID and delays from engineering. All of our pets at home are rescues from the shelter, including our "sausage dog" Caesar the chihuahua!
Caesar the sausage dog, he's one of four we have from animal shelter (Townsquare media)

 So, some good news coming in the future!

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