Kennewick police have arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with alleged drug dealing, and it's possible he was the target of a home invasion that injured a woman.

Wednesday night, police say between five and seven men broke into a home in the 800 block of West 26th, and hit an 18-year-old woman in the head with a baseball bat. One of the masked assailants was armed with a gun as well.

She was there with her 19-year-old boyfriend and her grandmother, but they were not hurt.  According to police and the Tri-City Herald, the victims thought the robbers were after electronic equipment, but during their investigation, police found evidence of drug dealing being done from the home.

The 19-year-old, Jesse A. Godsil, was arrested for suspected possession of marijuana,with the intent to sell. Sources say it's possible the assailants knew of the selling going on, and were after the drugs. The investigation continues.

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