It was briefly mentioned in Wednesday's press conference held by Gov. Inslee, but then nothing else the rest of the way.

Inslee said something about relaxing non-essential surgeries, but then no other comment. Then on Thursday, his office released more "guidance" as to what medical professionals can perform above and beyond "necessary" or life-saving procedures.

It's a rather complicated list, but here's what they will be working off of, to determine what's "allowed:"  (from proclamation)

  • Expected advancement of disease process
  • Possibility that delay results in more complex future surgery or treatment
  • Increased loss of function
  • Continuing or worsening of significant or severe pain
  • Deterioration of the patient’s condition or overall health
  • Delay would be expected to result in a less-positive ultimate medical or surgical outcome
  • Leaving a condition untreated could render the patient more vulnerable to COVID-19 contraction, or resultant disease morbidity and/or mortality
  • Non-surgical alternatives are not available or appropriate per current standards of care
  • Patient’s co-morbidities or risk factors for morbidity or mortality, if inflicted with COVID-19 after procedure is performed

So, based upon these guidelines, there is movement now for non-essential surgeries and procedures to take place.

To see the "guidance" for yourself, click on the button below.

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