According to the prestigious Washington Policy Center, most Washington residents favor a super majority when it comes to raising taxes.

The Center released results from a poll taken by Elway Research Inc,  which was conducted between December 28-30, and included a sample of 500 registered voters from across the state. The plus-minus margin of error was 4.5%.  Of the voters polled, 34% said they were Democrats, 22% Republican and a whopping 44% Independent.

According to the Policy Center, 60% of those polled want a super majority in the state House and Senate to raise taxes. An even bigger 65% want a Constitutional amendment requiring this if an upcoming challenge overturns Initiative 1366.

I-1366 was passed overwhelmingly by WA voters last November, and it requires the super majority.  This is the sixth time since 1993 that such a measure has been approved by voters, only to be overturned by legal challenges, including ones led by former Governor Chris Gregoire.

69% of Washington's legislative Districts approved I-1366, and a legal challenge to the Initiative will be heard in King County Superior court starting January 19th.

The Policy Center is urging the legislature to take up the Constitutional amendment proposal when they convene this month in Olympia, to make it 'officially' binding for super majorities for tax increases.