News is out that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has greenlighted a new Pfizer pill that will be used to not only fight COVID in persons diagnosed with the virus, but it also prevents it from spreading further in their body. The news came out late yesterday and today (Wednesday, Dec. 22nd).


  According to the Wall Street Journal and multiple other sources, the drug is to be administered in the first five days after testing positive and is targeted towards high-risk groups of persons, such as elderly people. It's been cleared for use 12-and up.

According to the WSJ:

"Researchers designed the pill to stop the coronavirus from spreading in people by blocking activity of a key enzyme, known as protease, which the virus needs to replicate."

Pfizer says that enzyme is not believed to have mutated in the new Omicron variant, which is why they say the pill will work. Officials say it's an important tool to keep people out of the hospital. Currently, European health authorities are still determining tests and other data and have not yet approved it.

Pfizer will begin shipping treatments shortly, it's expected to be available in pharmacies by prescription within days.

Our question to you is, would you be willing to take such a pill to fight COVID if you get it? Take our poll.




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