It depends upon a lot of factors. Many people who live in Portland, OR didn't even know the City Council had legalized marijuana courier service business in December, until ads began popping up for interested business people who might want to start such a service.

According to the Potlander online, and Oregon-based media outlet that covers a wide variety of news and social issues, the council approved licensing for courier services to deliver marijuana to those who can legally possess it.

The process isn't cheap, an application will cost you $750 and $3,500 annually for the license. And don't think they will stop by at 2am for a fix. The preliminary hours set for taking orders will only be from 8am to 8pm, with no deliveries after 9.  It may take a while to get up and running, but supporters say the services will go into effect any day now, at least according to the Potlander and other sources.

Supporters say it's a big step for users, as they've had to 'tolerate' less potent pot.  Washington and Colorado's potency is higher than what's made and sold in Oregon, and WA and CO pot stores stay open later.  Plus in Colorado, there is a proposition being pushed in the legislature that would allow certain amounts of public pot smoking. That's illegal now in WA and OR. So, Oregon users will be 'proud' that they can get it delivered, unlike their counterparts in the other two legal states.

But critics of the courier service say it's inviting crime, especially against the business or drivers who will be delivering the marijuana. They stress the reason pizza delivery companies have signs all over the place saying "driver carries less than $20" is for their protection.  They say there are still incidents of pizza and other food delivery workers being robbed or even assaulted, and that's just for some food and a few bucks.

They say expensive and sought after pot and cash will make these couriers targets for criminals.  Supporters disagree, but many agree they will have to wait and see what happens. There's very little experience to draw upon, as WA, OR and CO are the first states to legalize pot,  it's believed Portland is the first place to legalize pot delivery services. Supporters say the couriers won't be carrying enough to make it worth robbing them.

We're guessing snack, chip and trail mix delivery services will soon be following in Portland.

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