Some major pothole patrol issues:

Richland - Leslie - From Columbia Park Trail to Gage. A long pothole strip the whole way....and PLEASE cover that stupid graffiti on both retaining walls at the bottom of Leslie where it meets Columbia Park Trail.

Kennewick - Grandridge Blvd - From Columbia Center Blvd west all the way to Center Parkway. Awful.

Pasco - Huge divot crossing Court St heading south on 26th Ave.

Heavy Rain Sweeps Britain For A Second Day
Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

You are the eyes and ears. Let's have 'em here. Or you can call to register your pothole report in Kennewick (509) 585-4419. For Richland use their online form or call (509) 942-7524 and Pasco, visit their website to call in your crater. The cities say it takes anywhere from 48-72 hours for the repairs to be made under normal circumstances. But if this winter has taught us anything, conditions are anything but normal. Here's to no mandatory alignment appointments!