Walla Walla County Sheriff's Deputies continue to investigate a prank gone bad Sunday night.

Deputies say someone (or somebodies) used fireworks or possibly explosive to completely blow apart a mailbox at a home on Frog Hollow Road late Sunday night.

Authorities say whatever they used completely blew the box apart at the seams, sending metal fragments and shrapnel into a nearby field where a number of horses were sleeping. Luckily, none of them were hit, although they were severely spooked by the blast, and metal chunks apparently missed them by just inches. Smaller pieces were found dozens of yards away, the horses were in a fenced field very close to the location of the box.

Sheriff's officials say anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-524-5400. All leads can be confidential. The power of the blast does have Deputies concerned, as mailboxes don't exactly come apart that easily.

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