It's been a while since we've seen one of these pop up.

Pasco Police seeking two price-tag switching suspects

October 7th, last Friday, the PPD responded to a theft that had occurred at the Pasco Walmart.

According to officers, these two suspects went through the self-checkout line but did not pay for their merchandise correctly or legally.

PPD says they used price tags from less expensive items to buy a lot of merchandise for just a few dollars. A few years ago this kind of theft began to accelerate in our area, but kind of died down a bit.

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It usually involves detaching inexpensive price tags from other items, then trying to swipe them, making it look like you're paying for more expensive merchandise.

   Store workers discovered the theft

Apparently, store workers discovered the theft, but not before the couple had fled the store. They were said to be driving a dark grey sedan with a black wheel on the right front, and silver wheels on the other three wheels.

Anyone who may have information, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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