Apparently the concept of the 'time out' as a child/teen is no longer acceptable?

The Washington State House approved, by a vote of 76-20, passage of HB (House Bill) 2277, which would ban solitary confinement as a means of punishment for juvenile offenders. The vote can down Friday. Virtually all Democrats voted in favor, along with a handful of Republicans.

Most of the supporters and those who submitted were Seattle-area Democrats. Rep. Strom Peterson (D) of Seattle, who sponsored the bill, said this about the measure:

“Solitary confinement has no place in juvenile facilities, It traumatizes youth and hurts their ability to learn and grow into adults who are effectively re-integrated into society. I’m proud to have helped pass this bill.”

The bill will now move on to the Senate. IF it passes and becomes law, it would apply to juveniles in all county and state correctional facilities, including the Benton  and Franklin County juvenile justice centers.

Some critics have said apparently House Democrats have never been exposed to the highly effective Scared Straight correctional series that a few years back made a comeback. Criminal offenders in prison who earned the right with good behavior would literally 'scare' hardened juvenile offenders into realizing a life of crime is the wrong way to go.

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