If a proposed House Bill passes, the already expensive proposition of growing pot, processing it and selling it would get more expensive.

House legislators have introduced a bill, HB 1858, that would add hundreds of dollars in new fees to the licensing process required to grow, process and sell marijuana.

According to the text of HB1858, the money is needed for what the state calls the "traceability system." It's the program used to track marijuana through the supply train, in other words, make sure it's getting from grower, to processor to store, without any being 'skimmed' or sold on the side.

Apparently, the Liquor Control Board's current system is not capable of keeping up with the demand.

If the bill passes, a new $480 non-refundable fee would be charged for all growing, processing and selling (store) applications, and the annual renewal for these three licenses would go from $1,062 to $1,300.

The bill is currently headed for committee. If it passes, consumers could potentially see some cost increases.

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