A Democratic Legislator has introduced a bill that would eliminate the Death Penalty in Washington state, but it would be under the guise of saving the state money.

While many believe the penalty is a deterrent to various types of crimes, given the current situation concerning the penalty, it almost makes sense.

Critics say it's the end result of 'giving up' on streamlining and fixing the broken legal system when it comes to capitol punishment, but admit it's cheaper to keep somebody behind  bars for life than it is to put them on Death Row. Appeals, delays and other legal actions by opponents of the punishment (as well as convicts legal teams) has racked up enormous legal bills and taken the teeth away from the practice.

House Bill 1488 would eliminate the penalty with the express purpose of saving what legal experts say is in the hundreds of thousands (if not low millions) of dollars.

The last execution in Washington State occurred in Walla Walla in 2010 when Cal Coburn Brown was given lethal injection for the murder in 1991 of a Seattle woman. The very fact that he sat on Death Row for 19 years before being executed illustrates why this bill was introduced, say supporters.

In 2018, the Washington State Supreme court ruled capitol punishment was cruel and unusual punishment, Gov. Inslee had also set for an executive order putting a moratorium on all future executions after he became governor. This measure earned him a lot of criticism for being soft on crime.

Washington State has executed 78 people since 1904. If the practice is not administered in a just, fair but swift manner, then it loses it's effectiveness. The avalanche of legal battles and delays have resulted just that happening.

Prior to the late 1970's-early '80's Washington state actually executed convicted persons at a fairly regular and fast pace.

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