For whatever reason, which would take too long to explain here, because of COVID restrictions, the statewide ban on plastic single-use shopping bags that was passed by the legislature in 2020 was delayed.

Month after month, it was extended, the Proclamation allowing continued use of the bags we know and love (most of us) because we can recycle them as trash can liners.

We use them to help pick up landmines our wonderful dogs leave in the yard (where'd you get that bagful of Tootsie Rolls?!?).

But now, effective Midnight Sept. 30th (23:59:59) they are going away for good.

 Here's What Happened Wednesday Leading Up to This

Gov. Inslee rescinded two proclamations Wednesday, July 14, one of them having to do with requiring community association meetings being done remotely. That one ends July 24.

The other was much bigger. Inslee rescinded the ban that kept Senate Bill 5323 (SB5323) from going into effect. You may recall it was the plastic bag ban that passed the 2020 legislature session, just as COVID was beginning.

Originally it would have gone into effect January 1st of this year, but due to shortages of numerous products and supplies retailers were allowed to continue to make use of them. This ban will go into effect as of Oct 1, the plastic bag extension will end at midnight Sept 30.

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The transparent produce and meat bags used in delis will be allowed to remain. Some stores have already begun charging the new paper bag and recycling charges that came with the

In 2020 a number of legislators, mostly Republican, fought against the ban and the recycling charges that came with it, but the Democratic-controlled chambers were able to push it through.


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