"Today is a BIG day for the Pitties in Tri-Cities! Today marks the day that Kennewick’s BSL has been lifted and Pitbulls are simply dogs." I love that line from the Facebook page statement of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and Control Services.

After many years, the Kennewick City Council has lifted the ban on Pitbulls. The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and Control Services posted on their Facebook about the newly lifted ban

A huge shout out to Ashley Schoenwald for leading the advocacy effort and the countless shelter volunteers and community members who showed up and spoke up. Thanks to Kennewick City Council for hearing and acting!

And a special thank you from Kuda who currently resides at Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco. His bags are packed and he’s ready to relocate to Kennewick. He is ready to move today but willing to wait for Saturday.

As a dog lover, I'm happy to see this finally happen. A pet's owner should be held liable for any animal they have and banning a breed, in my opinion, is a not solution.

I'm glad to see this finally pass and I'm glad that the pitties in the shelter have a second chance on new families in Kennewick that can now adopt them hassle-free.

Check out Kuda who's ready for his new home in Kennewick here.

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