Attorney General Bob Ferguson, with support from Gov. Jay Inslee and a group of Seattle-area Democrats, are calling for, and will actually seek, an outright ban on the sale of AR-15's and similar weapons when the legislature begins in January.

During a press conference in Seattle Thursday (December 12) Ferguson cited instances of mass shootings where he claims AR-15 "assault weapons" with high capacity magazines were used.

Ferguson not only called for an outright ban on them, he is also going to sponsor legislation that will be introduced by these Democratic House and Senate members, to institute backround checks on ammunition sales. From his news release Thursday:

"In addition to renewing calls to ban the sale of these dangerous weapons and limits to magazine capacity, Ferguson is also proposing legislation to add background checks on ammunition sales after federal rules are changed, in addition to other safety measures to keep ammunition out of the hands of dangerous individuals."

He also wants to see the following ammunition legislation passed, it involves new fees for ammunition dealers:

  • "Prohibits violent felons and other individuals who cannot lawfully obtain firearms from purchasing or possessing ammunition
  • Makes it illegal for firearms dealers to knowingly sell ammunition to violent felons and other individuals prohibited from owning firearms
  • Prohibits dealers from knowingly selling ammunition to violent offenders and other individuals prohibited from owning firearms
  • Requires ammunition sellers to obtain a state firearms license, which costs $125. This change will not impact current firearms dealers
  • Requires background checks for all ammunition sales 30 days after the U.S. Department of Justice changes its rules and authorizes dealers to use the national instant criminal background check system, known as NICS, to initiate a check for a transfer of ammunition"

So Ferguson wants the same kind of backround checks and delays implemented for people who simply wish to purchase ammunition for their legally owned guns. This is the fourth time Ferguson has tried to get this legislation passed. No word on what will happen to gun owners who already possess an AR -15 or similar weapon.

No word on how these will specifically take shape as legislative bills come January.


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