According to the text of a proposed bill that will be filed soon for the January 2023 WA legislative session, it appears gun violence crime victims would be allowed to sue not only the manufacturer but the business that sold the firearm (if applicable), under certain conditions.

  The firearm industry responsibility and gun violence victims' access to justice act goes after gun makers and vendors, allowing conditions for litigation.

This is easily the most aggressive anti-gun legislation proposed in WA State history. We have obtained a copy of the actual bill, and according to some information given to us by the WA State Attorney General's office as of Friday:  (communications director Brionna Aho)

"This bill provides access to justice for individuals and family members injured or killed as a result of illegal conduct or negligence by firearms industry members who conduct business in Washington."

The state considers gun violence to be a "public nuisance," here is part of the bill:

"The legislature finds that the irresponsible, dangerous, and unlawful business practices by firearms industry members contributes to the illegal use of firearms and not only constitutes a public nuisance as declared in chapter 7.48 RCW, but that the effects of that nuisance exacerbate the public health crisis of gun violence in this state"

It goes on to list what the state constitutes as a firearm, firearm manufacturer, and vendor. There is also this section as well:

"A person that has suffered harm as a result of a firearm industry member's acts or omissions in violation of this section may commence an action to seek and obtain any remedies available for violations of this chapter, and may also seek and obtain any of the following:

(a) Injunctive relief;

(b) Compensatory damages;

(c) Punitive damages up to an amount not to exceed three times the actual damages sustained; and

(d) Reasonable attorneys' fees, filing fees, and reasonable costs of the action."

To see the entire bill for yourself, click here.

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