A new effort has begun in Washington state to place more control over public school sexual education programs.

A group called Common Sense Sex Ed has started a website, and has filed with the state Initiative 1109.  The five bullet points, or goals, of the Initiative are as follows, according to the site:

  • Parents opt children into Sex Ed
  • Local school boards control curriculum choices
  • Promotes prevention skills and boundaries in relationships
  • All materials available online for review
  • Materials must be appropriate for public broadcast

It's formally called The Common Sense Sex Education Initiative goes beyond where rejecting R-90 would have, it would completely remove all state control over sexual health programs, and place it in under control of local school boards, and ultimately, parents.

Efforts to gather the required signatures are ramping up already, especially after R-90 was passed largely to King County support.

Already I-1109 petitions are being circulated in the Tri-Cities area. To learn more about this Initiative, click on the button below.

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