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You will have an opportunity to comment during a public hearing coming February 1st. about the Horse Heaven Hills wind farm project.

   Virtual hearing coming February 1st.

The Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council plans a public hearing, to be done virtually online, for February 1st, 2023.

The hearing will begin at 5 PM and last until 8 PM or until testimony from citizens and interested parties is finished.

The hearing is the conclusion of the 45-day comment period about the Scout Energy Proposal to put as many as 240 Space-Needle-sized wind turbines along the spine ridge of the Horse Heaven Hills region south of Kennewick. The turbines would stretch potentially as far as 50 miles.

 How to sign up for a chance to comment

A DEIS or Draft Environmental Statement has been released about the project, the effects it would have on birds, farmland, and the overall area. To see the DEIS, click here. 

To comment on the HH Hills proposal you can click here.

The hearing is going to be utilizing Microsoft teams, and you can also join by phone with the following information:

  • +1 253-372-2181 Conference ID:464546607#

Because their Teams event is not yet set up, click here to see the information release which has a link to the online meeting on February 1st.

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All public comments must be received by January 31st, 2023 to be considered by the EFSEC.

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