Yet another roadblock for the marijuana industry in Benton County came this week, after commissioners voted to place a 'freeze' on a potential pot farm near the future home of the new Desert Hills Middle school in Kennewick.

The public will have an opportunity to air their opinions June 2 at a public hearing.  You may recall last January Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued a non-legally binding opinion that the language in I-502 did NOT prohibit cities and counties from enacting their own pot bans.  It's been tested four times in court, including once in Benton County, and the government is 4-0.

Now, LLV Green wants to open a pot growing farm off Clodfelter Road, but neighbors and area citizens raised significant protest. They don't have a license yet, but the owners of the proposed farm say they will be far enough away the state Liquor Control Board won't stop issuing them one for that reason.

County Commissioners didn't have any issue with recreational pot business until this group of citizens raised objections.  The City of Kennewick has already enacted a pot ban by the City Council.

This action freezes future pot business until the County can figure out to adjust the rules in the county where pot can be grown. Commissioners have also said publicly they are keeping in mind the fact that I-502 was pretty much crushed at the polls, and didn't pass.

In fact, 18 of 22 Eastern Washington counties rejected the recreational pot bill by at least 55-60 percent no margins.
It passed largely because of support from Pierce, King, Snohomish and other West side counties.

The next step will be the public hearing June 2.

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