The Tri-City TEA Party invites everyone to attend this public forum, to learn about Initiative 1325.   Tim Eyman,  who has authored and pushed numerous anti-tax initiatives to the ballot box, will be the guest speaker. He will discuss his latest attempt to roll back taxes in Olympia. (Eyman is pictured in middle, courtesy of

The meeting will take place at Island View Worship Center, located at 1520 Fowler St. in Richland, near Columbia Center North from 6:30-8pm.

Eyman has been perhaps one of the most visible political activists not only in Washington state, but across the country.  Since 1998, he has authored 20 initiatives, and one referendum, all made it onto the voters ballot.  10 of them passed, but six were later challenged in court and struck down despite being approved by a majority of voters.

He's perhaps best known for I-695 in 1999, which cut the state motor vehicle excise tax - your vehicle license tabs - which resulted in a lengthy battle with state officials.

Eyman, to the delight of taxpayers and the chagrin of state officials (and liberals and union leaders)  has been a thorn in the side of Olympia for years.  Some of his successful initiatives were even challenged by former Gov. Chris Gregoire.

His latest proposal, Initiative 1325, would require a 2/3rds vote of the people to approve new taxes, but with a new twist.   If legislators don't put a constitutional amendment on the ballot about the taxpayer approval for new spending,  the measure would automatically slash billions of dollars from the state budget.

Critics say this is perhaps his biggest attempt to put the thumbscrews on Olympia.   It's interesting to note that internet and media searches show  Democrats, liberals, unions and others are (and have in the past) spending a lot of money to fight this, as they have some of his other measures. Extreme efforts have been made to try to defeat this"one-man-army."

Critics view him as a "Constitutional nut," who's not with the times when it comes to modern day politics; but to those who support his initiatives and to citizens,  he's a spokesman for the frustrated taxpayer.   The one who believes legislators just don't get it when citizens have had enough of government spending.

The information meeting is open to the public, all are invited to attend.

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