Just a few weeks left til Halloween, and within a week or two many of you will be picking up your pumpkin and carving it.   A lot of folks use the two week window, because after that, they start to frown, collapse, and look like Weird Al Yankovic in costume.

If you're looking for some great ideas for YOUR pumpkin carving,  make sure you check out some different websites, including extremepumpkins.com.  We stumbled across this site a few years ago while googling for ideas.  Our favorite is the angry pumpkin child that our kids love to put in the front yard.  He really is rather menacing but funny at the same time. Besides tons of great pictures, and patterns you can download for your own,  the site's creators have also written books about creatively 'taking back Halloween' as they say, and scaring your neighbors!  Have some serious family fun this year with Extreme Pumpkin Carving..oh, and BOO!