Washington State's Newest Deadly Drug Looks Like Candy

Here's the deal.

Drugs are bad and now we've got another new drug that's hitting the streets in Washington State that looks like candy.

credit: pierce county sheriff's department
credit: pierce county sheriff's department

What Is Rainbow Fentanyl?

In a recent posting from the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, new pills are hitting the streets that could most likely be mistaken for candy.

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Rainbow Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that has been dyed various colors and it's being passed around like candy.

Rainbow Fentanyl Can Look Like Pills And Sidewalk Chalk

There are two types of drugs that parents should be looking for according to officials:

At both the U.S. southern border and in Oregon, law enforcement officers have recently seized rainbow fentanyl in two forms – pills and pressed blocks. The pills could be easily mistaken for candy, and the pressed blocks resemble the sidewalk chalk that children play with.

credit: pierce county sheriff's department
credit: pierce county sheriff's department
Officials are not only concerned that children may mistake rainbow fentanyl as candy or a toy, but they are we’re also worried that teenagers may be tempted to try the drug due to its playful coloring.

Rainbow Fentanyl Could Show Up At Local Playgrounds

Police are asking parents to be vigilant at public playgrounds and are urging parents to sit down and have the "drug" talk.
It seems the more colorful the drugs are, the more likely that young children could mistake the drugs for candy due to their candy-looking nature.
If you have any questions about "rainbow fentanyl", reach out to your local law enforcement.

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