Take A Reactor B Tour At The Hanford Site For Free

One of the best things I've done since I've lived in the Tri-Cities is to take the Reactor B tour.

Radioactive Waste Cleanup Continues At Hanford Nuclear Reservation
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Reactor B Went Online In September Of 1944

There's a lot of history made in the Tri-Cities and one of the neatest tours is now open again. I took the tour about 10 years ago and it was fantastic. I love that the tours are coming back but the seats fill up quickly.

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If you want to learn the history of the Manhattan Project, Hanford, and how the Tri-Cities became instrumental in the war efforts through World War II, the free Reactor B tour is a great way to learn all about the contributions that the Columbia Basin has made to American History.


Reactor B was one of three reactors built as part of the Manhattan Project and went online after 11 months in September 1944.


Learn Hanford History On Exclusive Free Reactor B Tours Now Through November

Our host Michelle was knowledgeable and I'll always remember the one question I asked and I loved her answer.

I asked if there are any dark secrets that Hanford is hiding and she replied that with today's technology, those other nations in the world can see exactly what's going on in Hanford from space.

It's a secure facility no doubt but Hanford being as secretive as it was in World War II has become a thing of the past.

How Do I Get Signed Up For The Hanford Reactor B Tour?

It's an amazing place to tour and visit and it'll fascinate you, trust me.

The seats fill up quickly so get signed up for the 2022 tour season.

Free tours will begin May 26th and go through November and during the summer months, the tours will commence six days a week even with some holidays included.

If you want to get in on these free Reactor B tours, click here to get signed up.

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