As of Thursday 11:30AM the page was still accessible but the REAL Walla Walla County Sheriff is trying to get it shut down.

A new bogus Facebook has popped up, Facebook data shows it was created February 26th.  The creator took a screen shot of a Walla Walla law enforcement vehicle (a little grainy) and superimposed a 'badge' with Walla Walla Sheriff's Department on it and the badge number "420."  Pretty obvious, the pot reference there.

It goes by "Walla Walla Sheriff's Department" as opposed to "Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office."   which is the real one.

However the real Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office is not amused, especially since there could be confusion when it comes to people looking for information, or needing contact data.

There's been a bit of a war of words going on between the spoofer and the real cops, we have chosen NOT to screen shot any because the spoofer has the vocabulary of a sixth grade dropout, laced with profanity.

If you want to see the page for yourself, click on the button below. Might want to hurry though, a recent post Thursday by the spoofer makes a nervous sounding reference to their page having been reported. It's likely the Facebook folks will investigate and shut him down.


Our assessment? This spoofer is definitely NOT Babylon Bee (funny online satire).

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