Remember ACORN (Association Of Community Organizations for Reform Now)?   The controversial "community organization" group is back under investigation -- just under a new name.

ACORN, originally founded to "oversee" a variety of activities on behalf of lower-income citizens (from lending practices to voter registration and more) was disbanded after numerous investigations nationwide showed the group to be a liberal political action group. ACORN was "broken up" nationally after workers were prosecuted for voter fraud in dozens of states, including Washington.

Right up to the 2008 presidential campaign, ACORN was closely tied to Obama -- even receiving over $800,000 to help register voters in numerous states. Tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations were turned in (registered as Democrats) by the group.

Now, a watchdog group is calling for another investigation of the tax-exempt Texas Organizing Project that was founded directly from the remnants of ACORN. Washington D.C.-based Cause Of Action is claiming TOP has, and is, using educational funding for political purposes. The money is allegedly being used to support Democratic candidates for office.

This is the third such investigation being called for nationally involving former ACORN groups that have "rebranded" themselves and continue community organization activities. After the official breakup of ACORN in 2010, many watchdogs and critics predicted that, like a noxious weed, the group would lay low for a bit, then re-emerge and continue their controversial activities -- just under different names.

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