According to the results of a new survey, just under 40 percent of WA residents canceled a travel-related vacation because of high gas prices.

The national average was 37 percent, we're higher

According to Seattle-based QuoteWizard, an internet insurance marketing service, WA residents canceled travel vacations at a higher rate than the national average.

The study says nationally, 37 percent of Americans surveyed put a hold on their travel plans, while in WA state the rate was just under 40 percent.

According to the QuoteWizard story:

"Although prices peaked in 2021, we still are seeing prices 61% higher than in 2020. Our data shows that some states are more affected by these costs than others. Washington tops the charts as the most expensive state for gas in 2023, at an average $4.93 per gallon. That's 36% more than the national average of $3.64 per gallon. On the other hand, Mississippi is 15% below average, at only $3.09 per gallon."

The survey shows in some states gas consumption has dropped as much as 19 percent, but in others, has increased by 32 percent. The study did not say if lower-priced states are seeing increased purchases from drivers in more expensive border states.

The report also shows nationally 27 percent of drivers surveyed have started carpooling, and 9 percent began to rely more heavily on public transit, such as buses.

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However, in states where fuel prices are lower, there has not been much change in driving habits.

To see more of the study, click here. 

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