You've all seen the various video security systems ads on TV, whether it's cameras on home or in the doorbell, they depict various scenes where would-be intruders were scared off or even captured due to system.

Well, they really do often work, ask the Kennewick police department. Late Wednesday morning, a homeowner near 1st. and Osborne Streets got on alert on their security system App that a pair of intruders were in their backyard, trying doors and windows to see if anything open. The homeowner's system allowed them to see video footage. The home was locked up, and the would-be burglars were not able to gain entrance, but they kept searching.

The homeowner called 911, and shortly afterward Kennewick police apprehended a 16-year-old male and 20-year-old Ismael Valdez was taken into custody, and charged with attempted residential burglary. Police searched the area for any possible accomplices, but the K-9 did not find any.

Police urge people if possible to utilize some sort of security system. When used along with making sure windows and doors are securely locked, it greatly reduces the chance of a break-in.

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