Washington State House of Representatives legislator Dan Newhouse has formally invited controversial Oregon Governor Kate Brown to take a tour of a lower Snake River dam, specifically, Ice Harbor.

Recently Gov. Brown has sided with environmental extremists who (again) are calling for Snake River dams to be breached to help salmon and other fish flows.

Newhouse sent a letter to Brown formally inviting her to see how dams actually work.

Part of his letter read:

“I believe the best step we can take as elected officials of our respective constituencies — and as representatives of the greater Pacific Northwest region we both call home — would be to engage in a constructive dialogue,”

He went on to say that scientists, fish biologists and engineers must be involved in the decision making processes and policy making, because they make decisions "based upon science and not politics."    (insert mic drop here).

Brown had sent a letter to Gov. Inslee earlier this month showing her support for breaching of the dams. Critics say it's really none of her business, because she has no jurisdiction in our state.

Gotta love that letter from Newhouse. I think it says far more than meets the eye!

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