Pasco Police continue their investigation from a Sunday night incident in which a suspect (or suspects) allegedly fired a gun at another person.

Around 10:45 PM that evening, the victim told Police they had left the Starlight Hotel on North 4th in Pasco (just north of I-182 by the railroad yards) to confront some suspicious suspects.

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They were described as two white males, wearing grey hoodies, dark pants, both thin and appearing to be in their 20's. The two were prowling around a vacant boarded up motel between the Starlight and Airport Motels.

Pasco Police continue investigation ---Dave Allen
Pasco Police continue investigation ---Dave Allen


The victim told police as he was 'chasing' them off, one of them fired a gun at him. Then they drove off, according to Pasco Police, in a smaller vehicle:

"(a)silver or goldish 4-door sedan similar to a Jetta with a loud exhaust, aftermarket headlights, and chrome rims."

The victim said the previous night he'd chased the same two suspects, in the same vehicle, off the property. Police did recover a shell casing at the scene, the slug reportedly hit a building.

No other information was released, Police continue their investigation. That area has been known for criminal activity from time to time.

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