Tuesday,  Gov. Inslee's office released results of several government efficiency programs that claim to have in various forms, saved the state $36 million dollars.

Gov. Inslee launched several of what he called "Results Washington" initiatives, where he vowed to improve government efficiency and savings.

Results were released showing between direct savings, costs avoided, and additional revenue, the state reportedly saved about $36 million dollars.

According to a release from the Governor's office Tuesday:

'The examples cited in the report total $5.92 million in savings, $27.4 million in costs avoided and $3.16 million in additional revenue."

It would take too long to list the examples, and while they are laudable in efforts to save money, they are pale in comparison to the extravagant budget laid out by the Governor.  It includes over a billion dollars of his  $12 billion dollar plan for 2015-17 being spent on virtually useless environmental efforts that will not directly fix roads, help with transportation issues or infrastructure.  They're largely being done to appease his huge environmental lobby, who spend millions of dollars to help get him elected.

Inslee's "Results Washington" website is supposed to allow citizens to "peek" at the performance of state government, and it's supposed to assure them it's being run efficiently.



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