As part of his Lunch with Loren noontime video feature, GOP Governor's Candidate Loren Culp made the shocking announcement Wednesday, Nov. 4, that he is out of a job.

He began by saying his election team is challenging the results in WA state in the Governor's race, "irregularities" in voting, some things that don't add up-including ballots with write in candidates.

He has not conceded. But then came the shocker. Culp was informed, apparently with no prior notification, that the city council voted to defund the police department, namely, doing away with his job. Republic has only one officer and chief, that's Culp for the town of just over 1,100.

He said back in the early fall, he took a leave of absence in September to finish out the campaign, spoke with the Mayor, and all was well. Then just prior to the general election, Culp found out his job is gone.

According to his video, he was not consulted, he was not 'warned' or informed prior to the vote. According to a report in the online publication Crosscut, Ferry County Deputies have been assisting and providing support for Republic in Culp's absence. According to Ferry County, they've incurred $138,000 in costs 'covering' Republic calls, and the Sheriff wants the county to reimburse them. The Sheriff had indicated he and his department didn't want to do anything to hinder Culp's drive for the Governor's seat but had been talking about ways of reimbursement.

Culp had used a variety of vacation and part- time switch scheduling to help accommodate his travels on the campaign trail. Culp had said it was an issue between the City Mayor, because he is in charge, and the County to resolve. They apparently resolved it by terminating his position, by defunding the police department without notifying him first.

Culp was shocked by the decision, he was apparently not notified of the vote, which took place during a special meeting of the council. Culp in the video, says he is sure there is some sort of deal brewing with the Sheriff and the City, but he does not know what. He suspects is some sort of contract that will take up the place of the Department.  Previously Republic had 2 officers including Culp, but one of them resigned and left some time ago. Republic has had a police department, says Culp, for 120 years.

The contact information for the council and Ferry County Sheriff were also included in the post.
City Hall 509-775-3216
Sheriffs Office 509-775-3132

This video was posted on Culp for Governor Wednesday November 4. He talks about the incident starting around the 4:52 mark of the video.

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