Gov. Jay Inslee, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and other Washington leaders have formally rejected a revised plan by the DOE that's supposed to speed up and streamline Hanford cleanup.

In the latest of a decades-long "battle" between the Department of Energy and Washington state, the department's latest offering lacks specific timetables and deadliners.

Gov. Inslee and AG Ferguson said while the plan in many ways mirrors their goals for getting the hazardous waste treated and cleaned up at the world's largest toxic waste site,  it's not enough.

In a letter to the DOE,  officials said  "the state rejects the lack of specific, accountable and enforceable deadlines in Energy’s proposal."

From the Vitrification Plant, to addressing the 167 underground waste tanks and other issues,  Washington officials say the DOE plan is unacceptable.

Depending upon the response of the department, Washington state might consider triggering what is called a dispute resolution, which would kick off good-faith negotiations based upon getting the process speeded up.

AG Ferguson is involved because legal action taken against the government for failing to meet legally-mandated cleanup deadlines is done through the Attorney General's office.