Snow is melting away and guess what's underneath that white stuff? If you've got dogs, you'll discover that the poop hasn't disappeared. It's been lingering and waiting underneath and now you have to pick it up and no one likes that chore.

I do have a solution for us dog owners who don't even want to deal with it, you can call the Doody Pros.

The Doody Pros is a dog poop removal business here in the Tri-Cities. I saw them on the news and thought that's the perfect way to rid myself of the poop.

I've got three dogs so we have a ton of poop waiting for us as the snow continues to melt.

The Doody Pros might be worth looking into, they have monthly plans and one-time visits that could help you remove all that dog poo so you don't have too.

You can get more details about the Doody Pros here   

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