Fatal crash intersection, Richland (Google street view)
Fatal crash intersection, Richland (Google street view)

The 19-year-old woman facing three counts of vehicular homicide following a deadly Richland crash early last Sunday morning has posted bond.

Jennifer A. Duong Pleads Not Guilty to charges

Duong, who was found by a witness behind the wheel of her black Acura, which was nearly split in half following a crash, also posted $250K bond. Earlier in the week, her bail was set very high because Benton County Prosecutors said she was a "risk" to the community.

Thursday in Benton County Court, she posted the bond, and also plead not guilty. The judge set her trial date for May 24th in Superior Court.

Duong was behind the wheel of her car when she apparently lost control southbound on GW Way at Jadwin, crashed into a utility pole, and three friends with her in the car died almost instantly.

Police reports indicate she admitted she was going maybe "50" MPH but did not admit to racing another vehicle.

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Duong's car was seen on traffic and surveillance cameras traveling at a high rate of speed with a white BMW nearly alongside as they headed up GW Way.

She did say, according to police accident reports, the two males in the car with her (who died in the crash) urged her to race the car, which had two juvenile females on board.

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