It's kind of like Crime Stoppers, but also allows reporting of not just crime information.

RIchland Police
RIchland Police

The City of Richland is now providing the ATR or Anonymous Tip Reporting Program. According to Richland PD:

"This new Anonymous Tip Reporting allows the community to share information with the department from their smartphone, tablet or computer and remain anonymous.  While the new service is not intended for reporting crimes that are currently taking place, the department hopes the anonymity will allow for information sharing that might not happen if someone feared they would be identified."

You might not realize it, but that is a legitimate fear, say authorities, of many who have or might have information about an alleged crime. People (including some who were not directly involved) sometimes fear even knowing who did 'something' could lead to that person finding out--retaliation--especially if they report it in person. The new digital aspects of this program remove that 'opportunity.'

To see the new program, click on the button below.

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