Richland Police this week have unveiled a new tool to inform and alert citizens about crime, cases and trends in the City of Richland.

The new Crime Data Portal tracks all types of crimes and cases; and color codes them. They appear as color coded icons.

A person can filter by crime, also select their neighborhood. Not ALL crimes are included, however. Police say homicides, sex offenses, and what are called Group B Offenses, as defined by the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

However, it is a very useful tool, and allows citizens to track what's going on their area. The map only includes the primary original incident;  Police also say unfounded reports are not included. For example, if a report about gunfire comes in but police find no evidence of any such activity (shell casings, bullet holes etc) it will not be included.

It only tracks official cases being reported or investigated. Also the map does not provide followup or suspect arrest details that occur after the initial report is made.

You can also call up a chart that displays a list of various offenses, such as assault, burglary, robbery, vandalism etc. It lists the number of each that have been reported.

We looked up our old house we grew up in on Hoxie Ave. near Saint Street (this was a LONG time ago) and found very few crimes there;  it appears reports thin out as you head north and east, and along the Columbia River, fewer icons on the map.

Here is a look at some of the areas to explore in the Crime Map

Richland Police Crime chart

To see the interactive grid for yourself, click on the button below.



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