Well, which was it?

Richland Police spent part of their Sunday trying to track down the driver of a black 2017 Dodge Ram truck. Seems the vehicle had plunged off Columbia Park Trail near Leslie Road. It took out a tree and was wedged into a lot of undergrowth. The report call came in around 9:20AM.  No word as to when the crash actually occurred, a passer-by alerted police after seeing the truck off the road.

After reaching out, police contacted the registered owner who said the vehicle was stolen. News reports indicated the police initially were searching for the driver, and wondering if anyone had seen the vehicle in the area prior to the crash.

However, Monday Richland Police posted this on their Facebook page and media updates:

** Update *** We found the driver. 37 yoa (years of age) Richland resident and registered owner of the pickup. The vehicle is no longer considered stolen."

So,  the registered owner of the vehicle WAS also the driver? No longer stolen? Hmmm...


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