Kennewick police helped EMS crews locate a man who called 911 for help after he was thrown from his bike at full speed, after riding into a steel security cable stretched across a vacant lot.

The man was riding in the 1000 block of East Columbia Drive late Wednesday night, and apparently didn't see the steel cable that was stretched waist high behind some buildings. It was apparently being used to keep vehicles from accessing the area.

It is believed the cable hit him in the waist or chest area, he hit it hard, it sagged somewhat after the collision.

It was very dark, and the man was at full speed when he hit it. He was thrown off his bike, he was not wearing any lighted clothing or have lights on his bike, and he was not wearing a helmet. Police didn't say how severe the injuries were, no update on his condition.

Police urge people riding at night to stick to areas that are more well lit, avoid unfamiliar areas and make sure you're wearing reflective clothing and have lights and reflectors on your bike.

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