The Spokesman Review Newspaper and other social media sites are now reporting another casualty of the Coronavirus event 'ban.'

The Washington State Middle School -AAU-Basketball championships slated for Spokane this weekend have been scrubbed.

The event, which features dozens of various aged AAU teams, was slated to bring several thousand people to town, including hundreds of players. Citing directive from the Spokane County Health Department, the tournament has been postponed.

A significant number of Tri-City area teams are affected as there's some pretty competitive AAU squads that were expected to compete. AAU is 'the' proving ground for aspiring hoops players, especially upper grade school and middle school athletes.

ALSO the shocking news made Wednesday by the NCAA, that the Men's 2020 tournament (March Madness) games will be played WITHOUT fans at courtside, only limited family admittance allowed as well as essential game personnel. CBS Sports, who are the 'authority' for the Tourney, posted this information Wednesday Afternoon.

To read more about this WA state middle scho story, click on the button below.

We saw this posting from Everett's AAU basketball arm as well.

The "fanless games" will impact Spokane, as they are slated to host men's First and Second round games March 19-21. The economic impact of no fans will be huge in all tourney cities.

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