Road rage incident, two hit-and-runs, then this (WRPD)
Road rage incident, two hit-and-runs, then this (WRPD)

West Richland Police are investigating this wild incident.

  Road Rage incident spills into a couple of hit-and-runs

Thursday afternoon, West Richland Police responded to a report of a road-rage incident that began on SR 224 between Benton City and West Richland.

SR 224 is the state route that takes you west out of town, goes by Tri CIty Raceway, and intersects into Benton City near I-82.

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Apparently, two drivers 'got into it,' and before it ended with this truck in the bushes of a West Richland yard, there were two hit-and-run incidents.

 Were Hit-And-Runs part of road rage?

WRPD did not say if the hit-and-runs were between the drivers involved or if they hit other vehicles.

One driver was transported to an area hospital with minor injuries.

We can't wait to hear the rest of the story on this one.


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