A 20-year-old Kennewick man is in custody after  refusing to pull over for a Pasco police officer early Friday morning.

Authorities say Dwight Norwood Jr. was driving recklessly near the area of 14th and Sylvester in Pasco. A Pasco traffic unit saw him, and indicated for him to pull over. But Norwood thought he could outrun the officer in his sports car.

However, his unfamiliarity with West Pasco did him in. After reaching the end of Road 60, he rocketed down a dirt road, officers say he obviously didn't know what was at the end of it.

He shot off an embankment and into the empty irrigation canal. Although he fled on foot, a few hours later a citizen reported seeing a suspicious man lurking in their neighborhood and he was caught. He's facing a variety of charges.

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