SUV Ends up in Canal-'Sir You Have Some Explaining to Do!'
Benton County Sheriff's over the weekend, discovered the driver of this SUV was not impaired in any way, probably embarrassed about how he ended up in the water.
At this time, as of Monday, authorities still don't fully know, but early Monday they got this call about this Explorer in an irr…
Hey! Look What Was Found in Canal--Car Stolen in May
If the canal is deep enough, it can hide virtually anything...until fall.
Benton County Sheriff's got a call this week from Irrigation District and other officials, after finding a car at the bottom of a drained canal, at the Chandler Irrigation dam which is just west of Benton City...
UPDATE-Man Who Drove Car Into Canal and Drowned Identified
Franklin county officials have identified the man who drowned in an irrigation canal on Taylor Flats Road near Ringold Road, and they say it happened hours before the car was seen.
The Coroner's office says after an examination, it appears 56-year-old Donaciano Flores-Figueroa likely drove into …
Crash Into Franklin County Canal Kills Driver
Franklin County Sheriff's have begun an investigation into a drowning that occurred sometime around 6:30am Monday.
A farmer, according to sources, called 911 to report either seeing the car go into, or noticed it was already in the major irrigation canal near Taylor Flats Road north of Pasco, near Ri…
Big Gravel Trailer Goes for Swim in Kennewick Canal
Tuesday afternoon, Kennewick police responded to an unusual type of crash,  huge trailer loaded with gravel vs. an irrigation canal.
Authorities say the large landscape dump trailer loaded with decorating rock detatched itself from the truck pulling it, and ended up in the main canal near 52nd a…

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