Commander Lee Cantu is the head of the Investigations Division of the Benton County Sheriff's Office.  He is not, however, a phone solicitor.

 New scam making the rounds in Benton County

The BCSO is advising citizens about a new round of scammers, who call random people and demand they pay $2500 because they were sent subpoenas, didn't sign them, and now owe money. From the BCSO:

"The scammers are claiming to be Commander Lee Cantu and are telling the victims they’ve been served subpoenas, failed to sign the subpoenas and now the victim owes $2500. What can be confusing for victims, is the scammers are spoofing the sheriff’s office phone number onto the victim’s caller ID in order to make the call appear legitimate.
We will not call you demanding you pay us money for subpoenas, warrants, tickets, etc. Sometimes the scammers will ask for cash, but most of the time they want you to give them gift cards from retail stores. This is where people usually clue in that they are being scammed. The government doesn’t accept Apple iTunes cards or Best Buy gift cards as forms of payment."
   That last one should be a major red-flag clue. No government agency will ever deal in that kind of currency.  Hang up the phone, or if you can try to get information from the caller without giving away ANY of yours.
 There's also one of our favorites, which is, if you own an air horn, go grab it and give the scammer a good blast and then hang up!
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 If you do get any information about the caller, pass it on to your appropriate law enforcement agency.

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