The 2014-2014 school year gets underway Aug. 26. Make this a great year by learning how to learn. The following study tips are the result of an international survey with over 3,100 responses. These are the top suggestions:

  • Never turn in a late assignment. Do all the work you're assigned, no excuses. If you don't know how to do it go to the library after school and get help. Not understanding isn't stupid, not getting help is stupid.
  • Study for 2 hours hard and then take a 40 minute break. Lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to, but absolutely no interruptions or distractions for two hours.
  • If there's something you need to review, check if there's a Youtube video on it. Science? Math? Grammar? There's probably a Youtube video that might even do a better job than your teacher.
  • Sleep as close to 8 hours a night as possible. If you "have trouble sleeping" see a doctor. Allow zero excuses for why you're not getting 8 hours. This will make or break you. Win or lose right here.
  • Whenever you feel like your teacher is too hard, just remember that kids in China, Japan, Germany, India and a dozen other countries are taking much harder classes than you. They're surviving. What's your excuse?
  • Have a designated time each day you play video games. Don't touch that controller until that time, and shut it off mid-game when that time is up.
  • Make flashcards for everything. Flashcards to an "A student" are like hoses to a fireman.
  • Find out what memory tricks work for you and memorize your class content using those tricks.
  • Focus in class. Yeah, I know there might be a cute boy or girl in there. Maybe your teacher is boring. Maybe puberty is bothering you. But most of the time focusing is a choice. Choose it.

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