He hasn't played in the NFL since 2010, but that's not stopping the Seattle Seahawks from bringing him in to take a look.

The 'Hawks, needing help at wide receiver,  was in Seattle Monday to work out for the coaches, and see if he can make the team after not playing since he caught 72 passes for the Bengals, scoring 9 touchdowns.   After having surgery on his left knee, he didn't get any offers from NFL teams.   Owens did play in the Indoor Football League for the Allen Wranglers, but was released after catching 35 passes for ten scores.  In being released, he also lost an ownership stake in the team.  

   Many are wondering why a talented but often devicive player would be considered in Seattle, but even at 38 Owens could still posess the skills needed to make a difference.   After playing for San Francisco for a number of years,  his resume has included stops in Philly and Dallas before playing for Cincinnati.     The Seahawks are said to be embarking on a "receiver reclamation project" by some sportswriters as they have also invited former top pick Braylon Edwards to training camp.    With the loss of Mike Williams, another "reclamation" project who last year gave Seattle some good performances,  Seattle is said to be lacking in receivers, so they figure to give Owens a lookover.   

  The big knock on the incredibly talented and physical Owens is that he is a locker room "cancer"  who's outgoing disposition can quickly turn sour if his -and the team's - performances don't go as planned.

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