According to ESPN, and Adam Schefter (Their NFL Insider) the Seattle Seahawks have released backup Quarterback Trevone Boykin following news that he's being investigated for an alleged assault on his girlfriend. The news came out Tuesday afternoon.

Boykin is accused of choking her and hitting her face, to the point where she passed out on her kitchen floor, then awoke to find herself in a puddle of blood.

WFAA-TV in Dallas says Munsfield, TX police are investigating the alleged incident. He reportedly drove her to Dallas Regional Medical Center in Mesquite, then he fled the hospital after officials began to question the two separately about the incident.

The woman, Shabrika Bailey, told the TV station the two have been in a relationship since high school, and the dispute began when she refused to show him a text message on her phone. She claims he began to choke her, leading to her other injuries. Boykin said in a statement that her allegations are false. You can read more about this story from ESPN by clicking here.

Boykin, who was on the 'Hawks practice squad last year, was arrested a year ago after a car he was riding in drove up on a sidewalk in Dallas and injured 8 people. That, says ESPN, triggered an arrest because he was found to be intoxicated and in possession of marijuana. He'd been on probation from a 2015 incident when he was a senior at TCU, for allegedly hitting a police officer in a bar in San Antonio, just prior to TCU playing in the Alamo Bowl.

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